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BALT: Baltic literary weeks

April in Brno will belong to the Baltics, as just after Easter festival BALT – Baltic literary weeks will take place. Brno will welcome translators from the Baltic languages Věra Kociánová (Lithuanian) and Michal Škrabal (Latvian), who will take part … Číst Dál

Argo in the North

We would like to invite you to a literary evening with the translators Jana Chmura-Svatošová, Linda Kaprová, Věra Kociánová and Michal Švec. They will introduce their new “Nordic” translations recently published by the Argo publishing house: We Know You Remember … Číst Dál

An encounter with Lithuanian poet and essayist Tomas Venclova

An awarded Lithuanian poet, essayist, literary critic and translator Tomas Venclova will present his poems and talk about his rich work, written not only in Lithuanian but also in Polish, Russian and English. Apart from his own writings, he has … Číst Dál

Through the Baltic Countries: Travelling and Literature

It’s possible to get to know a foreign country with one’s own eyes, but also through books, and not only tourist guides. Real existing places are also present in fiction, and writers possess the gift of seeing them with sensitive … Číst Dál

Nordic Literary Salon Online: In the Shadow of Wolves

The first Nordic literary salon (online) in 2021 is going to welcome the Czech translator from Lithuanian, Věra Kociánová. The topic is an extraordinary, crude book In the Shadow of Wolves (original title Mano Vardas – Marytė), written by Alvydas … Číst Dál