Through the Baltic Countries: Travelling and Literature

It’s possible to get to know a foreign country with one’s own eyes, but also through books, and not only tourist guides. Real existing places are also present in fiction, and writers possess the gift of seeing them with sensitive eyes and describing them vividly. During the evening, we will take you to an unusual journey through three remarkable and little-known countries on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. You will get to know them not only through the photographs, but also through literature. At the same time, you will get to know which books by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian authors have been translated to Czech and are worth reading. In addition to big cities and national parks, we will also visit places associated with the distinctive culture of the Baltic region.

A short introduction to the literature of the Baltic states will be given by Vaidas Šeferis from the Department of Linguistics and Baltic Studies, who teaches numerous courses on the literature and cultural history of the region at Masaryk University.

The evening will be hosted by Kateřina Běláková and Hana Hochmanová, with excerpts read by the actress Kateřina Jebavá.

Admission free.

The events are organized with the financial support of statutory town Brno and the Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic.