About us

The Scandinavian House is a voluntary based civic association (non-profit organisation) established in December 2005.

The main goal of the Scandinavian House is to present the culture and traditions of Nordic countries in the Czech Republic and to contribute to the mutual cross-cultural encounter between Czech and Nordic people.


knihovna@skandinavskydum.cz (library)
brno@skandinavskydum.cz (The Scandinavian House Brno branch)

Michal Švec, chairperson, michal@skandinavskydum.cz
Jitka Jindřišková, vice-chairperson, jitka@skandinavskydum.cz
Marek Šík, head of The Scandinavian House Brno branch, marek@skandinavskydum.cz

+420 777 926 331 (Mon-Fri 9–17)

Scandinavian House, Dejvická 3, 160 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic
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Opening hours (library, office):
MON 15–19
THU 13–17


The Scandinavian House is run with regard to the fact that there exists no official cultural institute that would represent the Nordic and Baltic countries in the Czech Republic. However, the public demand for such an association (which would organise culture events and provide information about Nordic countries) is relatively high and so the Scandinavian House is at least partially substitute the role of an official cultural institute. Bearing this goal in mind we organise film screenings, lectures, meeting with writers, discussions and social events for wide public. The Scandinavian House is also running a website focused on Nordic culture events promotion and the specialized Nordic library.

The Scandinavian House closely cooperates with Nordic embassies in Prague, as well as with a number of culture institutions and organisations, both Czech and Nordic.


The Scandinavian House was primarily established by the Danish incoming travel agency CoDan Agentura in October 2003, as a meeting platform for Scandinavians living in the Czech Republic. In the outset of year 2005, a group of enthusiastic students of Nordic languages took over the cultural activities and the Scandinavian House was gradually transformed into a cultural, social and educational centre. At the end of year 2005, the Scandinavian House became fully independent and turned into a civic association. Since 2005, the Scandinavian House has organised tens of successful culture events and festivals.