Literature of the Vikings?! Old North (not only) in the Czech Translations

What is the old Norse literature and what genres does it include? What kind of books were created in Scandinavia – and mainly on Iceland – one thousand years ago? Did the „literature of the Vikings“ only deal with bloody conquests and violence? And what do the Vikings have in common with Moravia?

The Scandinavian House organizes in the Congress hall in Dům pánů z Fanálu a discussion about the old Norse literature and its translations into Czech. The quests will be the most prominent Czech experts on this topic: Lucie Korecká from the Faculty of Humanities of the Charles University in Prague and Jiří Starý from the Faculty of Arts of the same university. Both of them are authors of original as well as translated books related to the Old North.

Moderated by Marek Šík.

Admission free

The event will be held in cooperation with Author‘s reading month that has got Iceland as its quest of honour.

The event is financially supported by the Brno Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.