Nordic literary salon online: Animals and Their Feelings

In June, the guest of the Nordic literary salon online will talk to us from Northern Sweden! The translator from Swedish, Klára Fafejtová, will introduce the book Animals and Their Feelings written by Swedish ethologist Per Jensen. The event will be streamed on Thursday, June 6, from 20:00 on our Facebook page. The recording will later be accessible on our Youtube channel as well.

Free admission, no registration needed.

Animals and Their Feelings (in Czech 2022, Portál) – Do chickens feel empathy for one another? Are pigs conscious of their own existence and what do sheep and cows feel when they mix with humans? Researchers have made a great deal of progress when it comes to understanding the inner lives of animals. This is true for dogs, horses and cats as well as the animals we eat. These days we know that the chops on our plate and the eggs on our breakfast table come from animals whose feelings and thoughts are not so different from our own… The texts is supplemented with the study on conditions of animals in the Czech Republic.

Klára Fafejtová studied Nordic studies at Masaryk University in Brno. During her studies, she was a frequent visitor to Sweden, where she now lives (in Umeå) and works as a lector of Swedish especially to Czech, Slovak and Polish people living in Sweden. Apart from her linguistic interests, she studied animal protection and welfare. Animals and Their Feelings are her first translation.

The partner of the event are the Czech translators of the North – an organisation uniting Czech translators from Nordic languages. The event is a part of a year-long project of the Scandinavian House: “Nordic literature in the heart of Europe 2022”, which has been supported by Prague municipality and the Czech Ministry of Culture.