Elk’s Trail: Family quest game

This year we are part of the Open Gardens Weekend in Brno!

Join us on the Elk’s Trail in the footsteps of Nordic books on both wild and tamed nature. The quest game is intended not only for children, but for all those who want to see the Open Gardens’ grounds and discover new releases of Nordic literature. We have prepared literary tips across various genres and age groups.

In the shadow of blossoming cherry trees, you can have fun with the non-traditional travelogue The Hiking Book from Hell by the Norwegian stand-up comedian Are Kalvø, next to the local pond you can reflect on the secret life of eels thanks to the Book of Eels by the Swedish author Patrik Svensson. Children can immerse themselves directly into the secrets of guerrilla gardening in the original guide Secret Gardeners by the Finnish duo Maija Hurme and Lina Laurent, and even plant something on the spot. We will also hint how to create a playground in the middle of the wilderness, just like the main characters of the book Gropen by the Swedish writer and illustrator Emma Adbåge.

It is possible to walk the trail at your own brisk, or more casual, “elk” pace. You can browse the books, read them through, solve the task, and then leave them to others. A draw for books from the publishing house Host is waiting for the best elk trackers. Plus you will definitely get a number of holiday reading tips for all ages!

The last entrance to the trail at 4.30 pm.
The event takes place in any weather.

The books and the game are in Czech only.

Admission: voluntary contribution.

The event is organized by the Scandinavian House Brno in cooperation with the Open Gardens and the publishing house Host, with the financial support of the Brno Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.