Nordic Literature Evening

Join us for a traditional literary evening organised by The Scandinavian house and the Book World Prague and featuring 6 Nordic authors.

In the first part of the evening, from 7 PM, Finnish humorist Tuomas Kyrö will be joined in conversation by Riikka Pelo and Frida Nilsson. Pelo’s novel about the life of the Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva was awarded the Finlandia Prize in 2013. Frida Nilsson is a Swedish author of children’s books, considered „the new Astrid Lindgren.“ The discussion will be chaired by Michal Švec.

From 8 PM, Alen Mešković, a Danish author of Bosnian origin, will engage in discussion with Selma Lønning Aarø and Marit Reiersgård, both Norwegian authors of leisure time books. Even though only one novel by each of the three authors has been translated into Czech so far, more of their works are to be published in due course. The debate will be hosted by Daniela Mrázová.

The discussion will be led in Finnish and Swedish (first part) and in Norwegian and Danish (second part) and interpreted into Czech.

Admission free

The event is held in cooperation with the Nordic embassies in Prague, the #ReadNordic Campaign, the Kniha Zlín publishing house, the Finnish Literature Agency FILI and the National Museum. The literary project of the Scandinavian House has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.