SURSTRÖMMINGSFEST- Taste sour herring at Přístav!

The Scandinavian House in cooperation with Přístav 18600 invite you to a unique Swedish sour herring eating competition and tasting.

Some people say that surströmming (sour herring) tastes better than it smells. Truth be told, you should know that it is considered one of the worlds smelliest foods. That is exactly why it is typically consumed outside and it will not be otherwise at Přístav. For this special occasion we have invited a special guest, Erik Tuneström from the Swedish city of Luleå to explain to you how the herring is made, cleaned and eaten. The evening will be accompanied by music by Aino Sepponen and Ema Stašová.


6-6:20 pm             Short introduction to sourherringology
6:20-6:50 pm       Sour herring eating competition
6:50-7:30 pm       Tasting, music
7:30- pm               Free entertainment, possibility to barbecue

The event will be held in English.

Surströmming is a salty fermented herring with a characteristic smell and taste. This specialty is made in family-owned small scale factories in northern Sweden on the Baltic coast where fresh fish is prepared and canned. Clean herrings are salted in spring and put to rest for 8-10 weeks in barrels where they start to ferment. Thanks to enzymes and bacteria, they produce acids which cause the characteristic smell of the finished herring. The fish is then put into cans and by the third week of August they are ready to be sold. Most people eat surströmming during the so called sour herring premiere at the end of summer but we are going to have the opportunity to try it already in June! The herring fillets are traditionally served with boiled potatoes on a piece of northern Swedish thin bread together with onions, sour cream, tomatoes, dill and butter or northern Swedish whey spread. To wash it all down people drink beer, schnaps or milk.

You can have a look at a typical sour herring party here:

Booking a ticket:

ENTRANCE FEE: 200 CZK / per person

To attend the event you must register and pay the attendance fee. The amount of tickets is limited, therefore we ask you to not hesitate with the booking and book your spot through the registration form here:

REGISTRATION FORM (also in English)

You will find our bank account details in the registration form (Czech bank account nr. 2901010758/2010. Please write the word “HERRING” in the message). Afterwards you will get a payment confirmation from us. The reservation is binding and non-refundable. In case of cancellation of the event by the organizer the whole fee will be returned to your bank account.

The price includes one tasting portion of sour herring on a traditional northern Swedish thin bread sandwich, the accompanying programme and a possible participation in the eating competition. Beer, wine, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks can be bought at the bar. There is a possibility to rent a BBQ grill for a small fee.


Those who dare can enter a sour herring eating competition. If you wish to do so, please answer the competition question in the registration form. We will later draw four lucky ones and two extras who will be able to test their taste buds, win a prize and enjoy eternal glory.

How to get to Přístav?

Coordinates of Přístav are 50.096017, 14.447923. The closest address point is Za Karlínským přístavem 683/4. MAP