Nordic Literary Salon

The Scandinavian House Brno branch in cooperation with Moravian library and Brno publishing house Host has prepared a series of literary meetings for spring 2016. These sessions are intended for general public and will present the literatures of the individual Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland).

Discussions of readers with a guest (translator or expert on a particular country or theme) will take place in the Moravian library every last Tuesday of the month. Excerpts in Czech translation and Nordic original will supplement the discussions. Free entrance.

Events are intended for general public, you do not have to be registered users of the Moravian library to attend the discussions. You can borrow the book to read in any other
library, from friends, or buy it. If you want to get the book through the Moravian library, you must have a valid library card. A limited number of copies can be loaned for two weeks
through Interlibrary loan services (please contact the ILS office which will loan you the book for free.)

Nordic Literary Salon takes place as a part of literary campaign #ReadNordic which promotes Nordic literature.

The discussions will be held in Czech.

The titles to read:

January 26. 1 – Denmark
Kim Leine: The Prophets of Eternal Fjord
Guests: Magdalena Jírková, Per Brixen, Luc Vaillant

An unusual historical novel about conflicts between the European and Greenlandic world view. Who will be redeemed by the protagonist, priest Morten Pedersen Falk? Who is actually pagan? The first taste of contemporary Nordic production with a distinct fish oil aroma and scent of the Arctic Ocean.

February 23. 2 – Norway
Ingvar Ambjørnsen: Elling. Blood Brothers
Guest: Blanka Veškrnová

A slightly amusing novel by a Norwegian author Ingvar Ambjørnsen describes the story of two former psychiatric patients – Elling and his friend Kjell Bjarne who live in a social flat in Oslo and try to reintegrate to normal life with help of an assistant. Two brothers, two worlds, one flat and one woman from the neighbourhood. A starter from the Norwegian periphery where every one of us can be the loony one.

March 29. 3. – Sweden
Torgny Lindgren: Klingsor
Guest: Zbyněk Černík

An original biography of a fictional painter Klingsor who dedicated his whole life to the visual depiction of still lifes, striving to portray the soul of commonplace objects and unveil their hidden life. A Swedish culinary experience composed of subtle humour, mystification of art and metaphysical theories, wrapped in mild lyricism with a pinch of Lindgrenian sarcasm.

April 26. 4. – Finland
Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen: The Rabbit Back Literature Society
Guest: Vladimír Piskoř

A delicate Finnish novel about the strength of thought in which books succumb to an ugly infection, people get lost in blizzard storm and mythological cartographers map our households. Heavy Scandinavian soup made of magical realistic prose flavoured with humour and light irony. Can be eaten together with Tolkien bread or Strugatsky rolls. Dessert from the Greedy rabbit only.

May 24. 5. – Iceland
Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir: The Greenhouse

A delicious Icelandic dessert consisting of more than eight flavours of love and omnipresent rose essence. A mild icing from selected world cinematography hides life recipes of the highest quality. To be served together with lightness and humour, but never with whipped cream.