Nordic Film Thursdays: SIBLINGS ARE FOREVER

A poetic and warm documentary about the siblings Magnar and Oddny, which in their 70’ies are still running their family farm like it’s been done in generations before them. See from the outside, it’s almost like time has stood still, except from a tractor, which has substituted the horse, and they’ve got electricity. A film about simple life in contact with nature, like in the old forgotten days.

The screening will begin with a very short lecture about the west Norwegian fjords, where the documentary takes place.

SIBLINGS ARE FOREVER (Søsken til evig tid, Norway, 2013, 75 min)

Director and screenwriter: Frode Fimland
IMDB (7,7)

In Norwegian with Czech subtitles.

Admission: 120 CZK
Ticket reservation:

The screening is organized by the Scandinavian House in cooperation with the Evald Cinema, the Norwegian Embassy and the Norwegian Film Institute.

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