Unknown Ingmar Bergman

Every real movie fan knows Swedish director Ingmar Bergman. The famous director’s name was a synonym for Swedish cinematography for several decades of the 20th century. But even though he was well known as a capable director in moviemaking, Bergman was also a real theatre enthusiast and through his whole life worked as a theatre and art director in several Swedish theaters. Ingmar Bergman percieved the world around him in three ways – with ink and pen, through a camera sight and from between the curtains of the theatre hall.

In remembrance of this great, creative man, The Scandinavian House will host several events as a part of celebrations of  the 100th anniversary of Bergman’s birth.


29. 5. 2018 (17:30, Tržnice Brno at Zelný trh) Moderated discussion on different faces of Ingmar Bergman within the festival Theatre World Brno; special guests: theatrologist David Drozd and essayist Pavel Švanda; in Czech

5. 6. 2018 (18:30, Cinema Café Scala) Screening of the documentary movie Trespassing Bergman (2013) introduced by a short lecture by Karolína Stehlíková; in English with Czech subtitles, admission 50 CZK (40 CZK for The Scandinavian House members)


6. 6. 2018 (20:00, Kino Atlas) Screening of the documentary movie Trespassing Bergman (2013) accompanied by discussion with Czech-Swedish director and journalist Hynek Pallas; in English with Czech subtitles, admission 120 CZK

Accompanying programme:

7. 6. 2018 (19:30, Theatre DISK) Theatre performace – Ingmar Bergman: Cries and Whispers by Katedra činoherního divadla; in Czech with English subtitles, admission 90-120 CZK (tickets)

For October 2018, we plan to organize a discussion in frame of a theatre week dedicated to Ingmar Bergman.

About the documentary Trespassing Bergman

In documentary Trespassing Bergman (d. Jane Magnusson, Hynek Pallas), several of the world’s influential directors and actors (Wes Anderson, Holly Hunter, Lars von Trier, Michael Haneke, etc.), take turns on reflecting the lifelong work of Ingmar Bergman. As they are exploring Bergman’s house, built in solitude on the island of Farö in Baltic Sea, they are talking about his rich career in film industry and about him being an inspiration to them and the impact his artworks made on them. Majority of the directors appearing in Trespassing Bergman see him as a one of the greats of the whole industry, however, some are not afraid to criticise him, bringing balance to the directors portrait. As the film goes by, you can clearly identify some of the locations Bergman used for his best known pieces.

The events are held in cooperation with the Theatre World Brno, Scala University Cinema, Atlas Cinema, distribution company CinemArt, Swedish Film Institute, Swedish Institute and Theatre DISK; and they are funded with the kind help of corporate town Brno and the Embassy of Sweden. The literature project of The Scandinavian House has been supported by Czech Ministry of Culture and Prague City Hall. Thank you for your support.