The celebration of 100 years of Iceland’s self-government

On the 1st of December 1918, Iceland was proclaimed independent, even though still in a loose union with Denmark. This jubilee will be commemorated by a small celebration with rich programme:

Iceland in the old photographs (Slideshow)
Lucie Korecká: How Iceland got its king
Marta Bartošková: The end of faith in the Icelandic sheep
The Scandinavian House: Travels in the North: Iceland and Faroe Islands 

Travels in the North: Iceland and Faroe Islands

Old Icelandic sagas, Haldór Laxness or Sjón: literature is definitely amongst Iceland’s most important heritages. Is there therefore any other way to celebrate its independence than with its literature? As a part of the famous Travels in the North, the visitors will have the possibility to listen to excerpts from literature describing its nature, monuments and society. The readings will be supplemented by screenings of both old and contemporary photographs from Iceland. And as some of the books are originally from Faroese writers, the year of Faroese independence (1948) will not end up forgotten.

Free entry

Photo: Martina Kašparová, The Scandinavian House

The event is organized by the club of Icelandic fanatics and the Scandinavian House in Prague. The project “Nordic literature in the heart of Europe in 2018” was supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Prague City Hall.