Exhibition Isaac och paniken

A hero is not always endowed with the supernatural powers. Sometimes (s)he is just not strong enough. Isaac struggles with his dark shadow self which is draining him of his will to live. Is there any chance to win over something that seems to be a part of ourselves?

The comic Isaac och paniken was created by a young Swedish comic artist Adrian Malmgren within a 24 hours lasting school work at Serieskolan in Malmö. Isaac och paniken is a reflection of some of Malmgren’s own experiences with anxiety.

The exhibition will be opened 29/9 at Moravian Library in Brno. The opening of the exhibition, where the translator Anežka Chrudinová from the Scandinavian House will introduce the comic and its background, will take place at the Moravian Library’s foyer from 16.00. A discussion on mental problems in young people with members of Sdružení Práh will follow afterwards, from 17.00 in the 4th floor in the video conference room.

The exhibition is opened for public from 29/9 to 14/11/2016 in the Moravian Library during the library’s opening hours. The event is prepared in cooperation of the Moravian Library, Sdružení Práh and the Scandinavian House Brno branch.

In Czech.
Admission free.