Nordic literary salon online: The Iron Wolf

February issue of the Nordic literary salon online will lead us to the world of fantasy. Jitka Jindřišková, the translator of Siri Petterssen’s latest book The Iron Wolf, will tell us more about the work of this acclaimed Norwegian author.

The event will be streamed on Thursday, February 10, on our Facebook page. The recording will afterwards be available on our YouTube channel.

Free admission, no registration needed.

The Iron Wolf (in Czech 2021, published by Host) – Juva hates blood readers. Praised for their Sight, they are nothing but swindlers, preying on people’s fears, for power and profit. Born by blood readers herself, she knows only too well, and she has vowed never to become one of them. But when her family is threatened by vardari, the eerie lasting ones, who never age, Juva is entangled in a desperate hunt for the blood readers’ legacy: a dark secret that once changed the world and may do so again. In order to survive, she has to confront the childhood memory she fought to forget: That time she saw the devil.

THE IRON WOLF is a spellbinding fantasy mystery on a norse foundation, about blood, desire and addiction. It’s the first book in the trilogy VARDARI, an independent series set in the universe of the award-winning fantasy phenomenon THE RAVEN RINGS.

Siri Pettersen (1971), lovingly labeled ‘Norway’s Fantasy Queen’ by the press, was born under the northern lights, with a severely overactive imagination. It survived countless attempts at numbing from the regular world, rendering her an expert escapist in a wide range of media, such as web, illustration, text and comics.

In October 2013, she launched her debut Odin’s Child, the first book in ‘The Raven Rings’ trilogy, changing the Norwegian fantasy landscape forever. The series quickly became a bestselling phenomenon, harvesting numerous awards, nominations and critical acclaim.

Jitka Jindřišková studied Norwegian and history at Masaryk University in Brno. She has amongst others translated the works of Siri Pettersen, the comic book Women in Battle by Marta Breen and Jenny Jorhdahl or Pedro Carmona-Alvarez’s novel The Weather Changed, Summer Came and So On.

The partners of the event is the Czech translators of the North – an organisation uniting Czech literary translators from Nordic languages. The event is a part of a year-long project of the Scandinavian House “Nordic literature in the heart of Europe 2022” that has been supported by Prague municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.