Host in the North

The meeting over Scandinavian books by the publishing house Host, organized by
Scandinavian House, will offer tips for (not only) Christmas presents. Together with
translators and editors Nikola Kochová, Pavla Nejedlá and Hana Švolbová, we will present
selected titles published during the past year that no fan of Scandinavia and quality literature
should miss.

We will learn how it is to translate Swedish novels with an apocalyptic atmosphere or a crime
plot, we will add some recommendations on what to read with children during Christmas, and
we will reveal how Host chooses books to publish and why so many of them are by authors
from the Nordic countries.

Moderated by Jan-Marek Šík.

Admission free

The event is organized by the Scandinavian House together with the publishing house Host as
part of the Advent book fair Books in Brno, which is organized by Masaryk University
(Munipress Publishing House) in cooperation with the Jiří Mahen Library and the Moravian

The event is organized with the financial support of statutory town of Brno and the Ministry
of Culture in the Czech Republic.

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