Evening with the PLAV magazine: presentation of the Finland Swedish issue

This year’s sixth issue of the PLAV magazine is centred around the literature of Finland Swedes, the minority of Swedish-speaking people that have now for centuries lived in the South-West of Finland. You can read an essay about the local literary work, and a number of excerpts from the books written by the younger generation of Finland Swedish authors, along with an interview with Jan Dlask, which will help you to get more educated about the history and culture of this minority.

There will be a discussion with the author of the issue concept, Jan-Marek Šík, the books by the Finland Swedish authors will be introduced by Petr Kujal, and both will be accompanied by a scenic reading. You will also have a chance to taste a bit of the Finnish cuisine.

Moderated by Silvie Mitlenerová.

In Czech.
Free admission.

The event is organised by the PLAV magazine, the Scandinavian House and (A)void Floating Gallery with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Prague Municipality.