Books from the Country of Fjords and Mountains: Norwegian Literature (not only) in the Czech Translations

Is it true that everybody in Norway writes crime novels? What are the main topics in this literature right now? Is the Norwegian literature popular in the Czech Republic?

Not only these questions will be answered during a discussion about Norwegian literature and its translations into Czech. The guests will be two Czech translators from Norwegian and also editors Daniela Mrázová and Eva Kecková, who will talk about the main topics in modern Norwegian literature, about the most interesting books published during the last few years in Czech and about their life of professional translators thanks to which Czech readers can get acquainted with the literature from the country of fjords and mountain ridges.

Moderated by Jan-Marek Šík.

In Czech.

Admission free

©; Barbora Grečnerová

The event will be held in cooperation with Authors’ Reading Month that has got Norway as its quest of honour.

The event is organised by The Scandinavian House in cooperation with the Authors’ Reading Month festival and the publishing house Větrné mlýny, and financially supported by the Brno Municipality, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Norwegian Embassy in Prague.