Nordic Film Thursdays: GNARR

Politics is fun

The Icelandic actor and comedian Jón Gnarr had often contemplated whether it was possible to make fun of everything. Is for example appropriate nowadays to joke about such a topic as politics? He came to a conclusion that exactly nowadays we need to laugh and have more fun than ever before. Therefore he joined forces with his friends and established a new political party with a telling name “The Best party”. Its absurd election campaign raised many eyebrows. Nobody took Gnarr’s candidacy for the mayor of Reykjavík seiously, not even him. What seemed impossible at first, became reality.

For half a year, the filmmakers were following Jón Gnarr everywhere he went and were keeping a close eye on him in a campaign that was so original that it went down in history.

The screening will begin with a short lecture.

In Icelandic with Czech subtitles.


GNARR (Iceland, 2010, 93 minutes)
Director: Gaukur Úlfarsson
Starring: Jón Gnarr

Admission: 120 CZK
Ticket reservation:

The screening is organized by the Scandinavian House in cooperation with the Evald Cinema.