Nordic Days 2015

The Scandinavian House is holding the sixth season of a succesful festival Nordic Days in cooperation with Cinema Evald, Student club Celetná, Studio Paměť and Kosmas Bookshop. Nordic Days 2015 will take place from the 18th to 27th November and this year’s theme is Voices of Minorities. We want to focus on minorities of various kinds and minority voices in Nordic countries and so even the festival programme is truly varied:

The guests of the festival Nordic Days will be the Norwegian writer Tore Renberg, the
author of The Man Who Loved Yngve and See You Tomorrow, and the Finnish-Swedish
author and journalist Johanna Holmström who wrote the novel Asphalt Angels. As every year there is a popular discussion with both authors and also a signing session. These will be accompanied with panel debates on very current themes with interesting guests, one about minorities and one about feminism in Nordic culture and literature.

Voices of minorities will be heard also on the film screen, in the documentary Bravehearts about Norwegian youth who are involved in politics and about the background of Breivik’s  massacre, in Danish Experiment about forced re-education of sixteen Greenlandic hildren,  the Finnish drama Gimme Some Respect which tragicomically thematizes the integration of mentally disabled into daily life, and in the Icelandic movie Africa United, a documentary about an Icelandic football team with African players.


18. 11. 19:00 Debate: The Role of Feminism in Nordic Culture (Student Club Celetná)
19. 11. 19:00 Screening: Africa United (Evald Cinema)
20. 11. 19:00 Screening: Experiment (Evald Cinema)
23. 11. 19:00 Debate: Czechs in Scandinavia, Scandinavians in the Czech Republic (Student club Celetná)
24. 11. 19:00 Screening: Bravehearts (Evald Cinema)
25. 11. 17:00 Signing session:Tore Renberg and Johanna Holmström (Kosmas Bookshop at Florenc)
26. 11. 19:00 Discussion with authors: Tore Renberg and Johanna Holmström (Studio Paměť)
27. 11. 19:00 Screening: Gimme Some Respect (Evald Cinema)

All films are screened in the original sound with Czech subtitles, entrance is 110 CZK.
Panel debates are in Czech, with free entrance.
The dicussion with authors will be held in Norwegian and Swedish, interpreted into Czech, free entrance.

The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech republic, Prague City Hall, the embassies of Nordic countries in Prague and literary foundations Norla and FILI. The screening of the movies The Experiment and Brave Hearts is taking place in cooperation with the Danish and Norwegian Embassy in Prague and the Danish and Norwegian Film Institute.