Nordfest 2022

Nordfest, the festival of Scandinavian feature and short films, follows up the Nordic Film Thursdays project. On seven evenings, the visitors will have an opportunity to see movies of all genres – from a comedy and a historical movie to a psychological drama – from all Scandinavian countries. Moreover, each screening will be started with a short introduction from one of our colleagues.

The festival will begin with a crazy Icelandic comedy about a plan to cross the island in a car in reverse gear. On the May 19, the festival will finish with the popular “Nordic Shorts”, five short movies from each of the Scandinavian countries.

All movies will be screened in original sound with Czech subtitles.

Tickets: 139 CZK / screening

Tickets can be reserved at


TUE 10. 5. 18:30 Reverse (Iceland)

Two childhood friends decide to drive around Iceland in reverse. Soon after their trip starts, they find out that this was perhaps not the best idea in the world. Nothing goes as planned and almost everything goes wrong.
IMDB (6.2)

WED 11. 5. 18:30 Before the Frost (Denmark)

In 1800s Denmark, a farmer has a bad harvest and thus not enough food for his family. He makes a deal, that includes his farm and his daughter getting married, with a nearby rich farmer.
IMDB (6.8)

THU 12. 5. 18:30 The Girl, the Mother and the Demons (Sweden)

A single mother’s mental health is failing, and her young daughter has to deal with her rapidly switching moods and bizarre outbursts.
IMDB (6.5)

FRI 13. 5. 18:30 Terribly Happy (Denmark)

Robert has a number of skeletons in his closet, which he is determined to bury. Although hardly his dream job, Robert sees the position of temporary village constable as a necessary stage on the road to rehabilitation. He just needs to do well and generally behave by the book. However, village life and the macabre provincial order don’t fit easily into Robert’s plans. Nothing is ever straightforward, and certainly not when you are way out in the country.
IMDB (6.8)

TUE 17. 5. 18:30 A Moment in the Reeds (Finland)

Having moved to Paris for university, Leevi returns to his native Finland for the summer to help his estranged father renovate the family lake house so it can be sold. Tareq, a recent asylum seeker from Syria, has been hired to help with the work, and when Leevi’s father has to return to town on business, the two young men establish a connection and spend a few days discovering one another during the Finnish midsummer.
IMDB (6.9)

WED 18. 5. 18:30 Going West (Norway)

An unemployed music teacher takes his estranged transgender father on a road trip to the west coast of Norway, in order to honor his late mother’s excellent quilting skills.
IMDB (6.0)

THU 19. 5. 18:30 Nordic Shorts

Northern Great Mountain (Stoerre vaerie, Sweden, 2015, Amanda Kernell, 15 min; IMDB 6.9)
Belinda Beautiful (Denmark, 2013, Marianne Blicher, 23 min, IMDB 8.3)
How about that? (Nema hvað…, Iceland, 2019, Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter, 10 min, IMDB)
Origin of Man (Menneskets opprinnelse, Norway, 2019, Pjotr Sapegin, 14 min, IMDB)
Super Comfort (Finland, 2018, Kirsikka Saari, 15 min, IMDB 6.4)

The festival is organised by the Scandinavian house in cooperation with the distribution company Cinemart and Evald Cinema.