Lecture: Gods and Heroes of the Kalevala

The Brno branch of the Scandinavian House and the Moravian Library in Brno invite you to the lecture Gods and Heroes of the Kalevala.

How do we see the ancient world of Finnish mythology today? Why is the heroic epic, which has become the core of Finnish culture, so charming? What fascinated the Czech writer Josef Holeček that much, that he learned Finnish just to be able to translate the epic into Czech? Who were gods and heroes with mysterious names as Väinämöinen, Ilmarinen, Lemminkäinen, Joukahainen, Kullervo or Louhi?

In his lecture, Michal Švec from the Scandinavian House will guide the audience through the enchanting world of the Kalevala.

The lecture will be held in Czech.

Admission free.