Kor-wegian evening with PLAV magazine

Rubbish, poverty, violence. Such is the future foreshadowed by Norwegian authors, and the present, as Korean female authors already see it. The evening introduces two national-themed issues of PLAV magazine, heading both to the harsh North (4/2020) and South (2/2020).

Excerpts from both magazines will be read, and a debate with the authors of the concepts, Jitka Jindřišková and Petra Ben-Ari, will take place. Last but not least, there will be a chance to taste the traditional Norwegian and Korean food. The evening will be moderated by Vratislav Kadlec.

Free admission.

The event takes place as a part of the “Knihovna na vlnách” (Floating Library) festival, thanks to the cooperation between Prague – City of Literature, PLAV magazine, the Scandinavian House, Prague Municipal Library and (A)void Floating Gallery.