Workshop for beginner translators of Nordic languages

The Scandinavian House in cooperation with The Union of Interpreters and Translators (Czech acronym JTP) is organizing a workshop intended for beginner translators of literary texts in Nordic languages.

The workshop will be divided into two main parts – the first one will focus on practical information about book publishing that every Czech translator should know (types of contracts, the content of a copyright license agreement, fair fee, cooperating with language redactors, editors and proofreaders) and it will also warn them about the specific dishonest practices of some publishers, which has been rather common in the last few years. It will be followed by a language section detailing the most common stylistic mistakes when translating from a Nordic language, declensions of Scandinavian names in Czech, and discussion about specific topics depending on the interests of the participants. Both sections will include hands-on components.

The workshop will be led by experienced translators of Nordic languages and representatives of Czech publishing houses specialized in Nordic literature.

Participation in the workshop requires a compulsory registration and payment of a participation fee. The amount of participants is limited to 15 people.

REGISTRATION FORM (31 .3., in Czech)
REGISTRATION FORM (21. 4., in Czech)

To participate, good knowledge of Czech and one of the Nordic languages (Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and/or Swedish) is needed; any kind of personal experience with translation into Czech is an advantage. Suitable for advanced students and fresh graduates.


*The discount applies to students, members of the Scandinavian House and/or members of JTP

All participants will get a certificate of attendance.

The workshop is organized in cooperation with The Union of Interpreters and Translators.