Theatre evening with Theatre World Brno festival

The Scandinavian House in Prague and International festival Theatre World Brno are preparing four introductions and one debate for the Scandinavian plays within the festival.

For the first time ever in Brno, Ibsen will be played in Norwegian! Visjoner teater from Oslo has staged Hedda Gabler. This original “site-specific” project has already played at multiple stages in Europe and Asia. A mesmerizing experience (with subtitles!) is awaiting you in the living room of Low-Beer villa. No need to bring your slippers! After the theatre performance on 23. 5., a debate with Karolína Stehlíková (a specialist in Nordic theatre) and Juni Dahr (director and lead actress of the play) will take place.

At the end of the last year, Jan Nebeský with his company, Jedl, prepared a play based on Bergman’s Private Confessions. The team has marvelously brought the characters to life, with breath-taking performances by the actors.

Denmark is being represented by Jana Kosová and Adam Svozil’s theatrical adaptation of K. C. Nielsen’s Danish Civil War 2018–2024 from Na Zábradlí Theatre. A story of how the “European Dream” can easily become a nightmare…

A piece of Scandinavian Theatre is prepared even for the little ones. Three of Andersen’s fairytales directed by Šimon Spišák will persuade you that not everything made by this Danish author is necessarily grim.

Programme of the Nordic part:

22. 5. H. Ibsen: Hedda Gabler
Visjoner teater
Where: Low-Beer villa
18.30 introduction by Barbara Gregorová in Czech

23. 5. Henrik Ibsen: Hedda Gabler
Visjoner teater
Where: Low-Beer villa
18.30 introduction by Karolina Stehlíková in Czech
19.00 the play
20.45 debate with Juni Dahr and Karolína Stehlíková (in Norwegian, interpreted into Czech)

25. 5. H. Ch. Andersen: The Emperor’s New Clothes
26. 5. H. Ch. Andersen: Little Mermaid 
27. 5. H. Ch. Andersen: Ugly Duckling 
Nové divadlo Nitra
Where: Polárka Theatre

27. 5. Kaspar C. Nielsen: Danish Civil War 2018–2024
Divadlo Na zábradlí
Where: Studio Marta
19.00 introduction by Barbara Gregorová in Czech

27. 5.  Ingmar Bergman: Private Confessions
Spolek Jedl
Where: Husa na Provázku Theatre (cellar)
20.00 introduction by Karolína Stehlíková in Czech

The introductions will take place 30 minutes before the plays and are free for everyone with a valid ticket for the said theatrical performance.

The programme of the whole festival:

Theatre Evenings or Who is afraid of…?

In cooperation with selected theatres introducing texts of Scandinavian authors, the Scandinavian House has launched a series of Nordic Theatre Evenings. We would like the audience to get a deeper insight into the Scandinavian drama, that might not be as popular as the Nordic crime fiction, but can become similarly addictive. Do not be afraid to start tracking the Nordic theatre in the Czech Republic! Unusual horizons and views of the Nordic landscape guaranteed. No need for skis.

The events are organised as commented theatre performances and consist of e. g. a lecturer’s introduction before the performance or a discussion of a various kind, for example sharing of impressions of the play. The introduction provides information about the author, the performed text and a broader context of the piece, or can even familiarise the audience with the performing tradition of more famous, repeatedly staged dramatic texts. After the performance, there is an opportunity to discuss it together. The Theatre Evenings take place in different Prague and Brno theatres 2-4 times a year, depending on the current programmes.

The events are organized with the financial support of statutory town Brno and the Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic.