Studio Hrdinů opens its new season with The Moonstone

Adapted from the novel written by the Icelandic writer Sjón (most famously known as the author of the lyrics for several Björk’s songs), The Moonstone is the first premiere of the 10th season at Studio Hrdinů. After the successful adaptation of Skugga Baldur, which continues to be performed at the venue to this day, The Moonstone marks the second encounter with the author on the theater’s stage.

In many ways, Icelandic realia strike one as both universal and painfully present. In isolated Iceland, not much seems to be happening until a ship arrives from Europe, bringing the Spanish flu to the island. The topic of homosexuality plays a key role in the production. Although the focus is on the inner experience of the world through the eyes of a lonely boy, whose fate is determined by his sexual orientation and lack of family background, the main and all-pervading motif is the freedom and independence of the individual, who accepts his “otherness” as natural, as well as the possibility of living as an autonomous human being regardless of the evaluation and judgment of one’s environment.

Directed by Kamila Polívková, the production makes use of the exceptional talents of the actors Jan Cina and Tereza Hofová. The minimalistic but generous stage design by Antonín Šilar is complemented by film footage by Nanna Marie Snorradóttir that also plays a vital role here. The music composer Thoranna Björnsdóttir leaves another Icelandic mark on the final form of the production in collaboration with the progressive musician and producer Aid Kid.

The Czech-Icelandic creative team strives to create a platform for open discussion about the living conditions and rights of the queer community not only in Iceland, but especially in the Czech Republic. A series of debates on this topic is therefore planned to take place at Studio Hrdinů.

More information including tickets can be found here.