#ReadNordicFilm: The Kiss

This year, the Scandi Festival invites you to the premiere of the Danish drama The Kiss (Kysset). The #ReadNordicFilm screening will be accompanied by a discussion with the film’s director Bille August and expert on Danish culture Robert Novotný.

THE KISS (Kysset, Denmark, 2023, 116 min)

Director: Bille August
Starring: Esben Smed, Clara Rosager, Lars Mikkelsen, Rosalinde Mynster, Greg Latter, David Dencik, Lars Phister and others


The year is 1913 and there are rumours of war in Erope. Anton is a young man eager to cleanse the family name from the dishonour his father left behind when he abandoned them. Now he wants to prove himself by becoming a cavalry officer. During an exercise he helps an aging lord and is invited home to his residence where he meets his daughter Edith, who is bound to a wheelchair as the result of a fateful accident. Anton is welcomed into the family and his presence imbues hope about the future, but the more close he is getting to Edith the bigger becomes his fear of disappointing and hurting her is. Consequently he soon no longer dares to be honest about his feelings. A Kiss gains central and decisive importance in Danish master-director Bille August’s drama abot a young man who gets entangled in a web of promises, lies, and moral duties.

In original sound with Czech and English subtitles.

Admission: 195 CZK; tickets available online via edisonfilmhub.cz

The screening will be followed by a discussion with director Bille August. A discussion focused on his work and literary inspirations will be moderated by expert on Danish culture Robert Novotný. The event will be held in English and will be interpreted into Czech.

Pictures source: Film Europe


Adaptations of books or biographies of literary figures are extremely popular among Scandinavian filmmakers. A new series shows, among other things, how filmmakers approach these challenges. Screenings take place roughly every other month at the Edison Filmhub in Prague and several times a year also at the Art Cinema in Brno, or in a virtual cinema. Through lecturers’ introductions, we present not only the film itself and its authors, but also the related book titles and place them in the context of Nordic literature and national cinema. In addition to highlighting books available in Czech, we also introduce the public to works that have not (yet) been translated.

The event is organised by the Scandinavian House in cooperation with Edison Filmhub and Kino Art, with financial support from the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, the Prague Municipality and the Statutory City Brno.