#ReadNordicFilm: Sami Blood

Historical drama from the life of the Swedish Sami

A reindeer-breeding Sámi girl called Elle Marja is exposed to the racism of the 1930s at her boarding school and starts dreaming of a different life. But to achieve it, she has to become someone else and break all ties with her family and culture. The debut film of the director Amanda Kernell is a thrilling drama, that shows a less-known side of Scandinavian history.

As a part of the cycle #ReadNordicFilm, we would like to invite you to the screening of the film:

SAMI BLOOD (Sameblod, Sweden/Norway/Denmark, 2016, 108 min)

Director and writer: Amanda Kernell
Starring: Lene Cecilia Sparrok, Mia Erika Sparrok, Maj Doris Rimpi, Olle Sarri, Anne Biret Somby, Jörgen Stenberg, Jonar Thomasson and others


Lene Cecilia Sparrok, who played the role of Elle Marja, was awarded the prestigious Guldbage prize. The director Amanda Kernell won the same prize for the best screenplay, along with the special prize at the film festival in Tokyo. Sami Blood is linked to the director’s older film Northern Great Mountain, where an elderly Elle Marja confronts her past at her sister’s funeral.

In original with Czech subtitles.

The introductions to the film will focus on Sami literature and its translations into Czech.  


17. 8. 19:00 PRAGUE, Edison Filmhub (Jeruzalémská st. 1321/2)
– Introduction by Anežka Soukupová
– Entry fee: 160 CZK, online at edisonfilmhub.cz

17. 8. 20:00 BRNO, Kino Art (Cihlářská 19)
– Introduction by Hana Hochmanová
– Entry fee:  110 CZK (90 CZK for our members); online at kinoart.cz


Directing films based on books or biographies of famous authors is immensely popular among Scandinavian filmmakers. This project will, amongst other things, show how films and books have dealt with the same topics. The screenings will take place about once every two months in Edison cinema (and regional cinemas) or a virtual cinema. Each of the films will be shortly introduced beforehand, so the visitor can learn about the film itself, its context, direction, and the corresponding literature, along with the characteristics of the said national cinematography. Besides the books available in Czech, the visitors will get to discover the books that have not (yet) been translated into this language.

The screening is organized by the Scandinavian House in cooperation with Edison Filmhub, Kino Art and the distribution company Film Europe as a part of the #ReadNordicFilm cycle. The events have been financially sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Prague Municipality and Statutory city Brno.

Photo: filmeurope.cz