Ponrepo for Children: Paw (The Boy of Two Worlds)

An extraordinary Danish children’s film called Paw, also known as the Boy of Two Worlds, is going to be screened as part of the Ponrepo for Children cycle, followed by a half-an-hour long workshop about Danish children’s books.

PAW – THE BOY OF TWO WORLDS (Paw, Denmark, 1959, 90 min)

Following the death of his parents, Paw, a twelve-year-old boy, travels from Caribbean to Denmark to live with his aunt. Because of his skin colour he soon becomes victim of bullying. For that reason, he leaves home and hides in the woods, where he befriends a Swede called Anders. Unfortunately, Anders is arrested for poaching and Paw is taken to an orphanage. Since he is not happy there either, he escapes and moves to an island, where a fox cub and other animals become his only companion.

The movie, loosely based on a novel of the same name by the Danish author Torry Gredsted, was nominated for Oscars in the Best Foreign Language Film category and won multiple awards at festivals such as Cannes and Venice. It was also the first film to deal with racism in Denmark.

Entry: 80 CZK (adults), 60 CZK (children)
For more information about the tickets, visit http://nfa.cz/cz/kino-ponrepo/vstupenky-a-clenstvi

The event is organised by the Scandinavian House, the National Film Archive and the Ponrepo Cinema as a sequel to the Danish Literature Week. We would like to express our gratitude to the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Council and the Danish Arts Foundation for their generous support.