On the Viking Wave

Meeting writers: Tore Kvæven and Martin Jensen

PRAGUE:   14/1 7 pm Student Club Celetná (Celetná 20, Prague)
PILSEN:     15/1 6 pm European House Gallery (nám. Republiky 12, Pilsen)

Do you like historical novels, adventurous tales, gripping thrillers, or detective plots?

We are inviting you to a discussion with two Nordic authors in whose books you will find all of the above. With the novel Harsh Is The Law Of My Land by Norwegian writer Tore Kvæven we will sail on a ship called Wolverine on adventurous quest to the heart of Africa where just handful of the most remorseless warriors can stand the test. And with crime novels The King’s Hounds, Oathbreaker, and A Man’s Word by Danish author Martin Jensen we will travel to England where young viking king Cnut assumed the throne. The authors will talk not only about their books but also about the time periods in which those books are set.

After the event, you are all invited for a small Nordic refreshment provided by the Danish company Tiger Česká republika.

In Norwegian and Danish, interpreted into Czech.

Free entrance.

Martin Jensen Tore Kvaeven

Meeting with authors is held as part of the literary campaign #ReadNordic by the Norwegian and Danish Embassy in Prague and the Scandinavian House. The event was supported by the Nordic Culture Fund and Danish Arts Foundation.