Not a Finn, nor a Swede…? Evening with Finland-Swedish Literature

The event will focus on Finland-Swedish literature – books written by Finland-Swedes, a Swedish speaking minority that has for many centuries lived especially on the southwest coast of Finland. You will learn more about history and the present situation of this minority, what kind of literature they write and what is accessible in the Czech language. We will present a thematic issue of Czech literary journal PLAV that was dedicated to this topic, as well as other books by Finland-Swedish authors, that have been published in Czech during the last years (Hägring 38 by Kjell Westö and Nattexpressen by Karin Erlandsson).

The quests of the evening are literary scholar Jan Dlask and translator of the above mentioned books Jan-Marek Šík.

Interviewer: Hana Hochmanová.

In Czech.

Admission free.

The event is organized by the Scandinavian House with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Brno City Municipality.