Nordic Literature Evening

Welcome to traditional literary evening with Nordic writers organised by The Scandinavian House in Prague and the Book World Prague!

Four authors have accepted our invitation:

From 7 PM, we will have a discussion with Finnish author Rosa Liksom and Danish author Ida Jessen. The two ladies will be talking about their books that have just been released in Czech translations – both being about history and unhappy marriages of the main heroines. Rosa Liksom’s The Colonel’s Wife (Everstinna, 2017) tells the story of a woman looking for strength to oppose her Nazi-admiring husband. Ida Jessen’s heroine from the book A Change of Time (En ny tid, 2015) is, on the other hand, contemplating her harsh time with her late husband, hoping for a new chance to fully live her life.

Moderated by Lada Halounová.

From 8 PM, we will welcome Morten Strøksnes, a Norwegian author, historian and journalist – the author of Shark Drunk (Havboka eller Kunsten å fange en kjempehai fra en gummibåt på et stort hav gjennom fire årstider, 2016) which was also celebrated as the best book translated into Czech in 2018. The second guest will be Bea Uusma with her book The Expedition: Solving the Mystery of a Polar Tragedy (Expeditionen: min kärlekshistoria, 2013). Both books are hard to be categorised as one specific genre: the authors combine prose with essay, reportage and scientific literature. In the case of The Expedition, the readers can also admire the illustrations and the overal design of the book.

Moderated by Barbara Gregorová.

Scenic reading of excerpts from the books by actress Marie Jansová and autograph sessions of all writers will also take place.

In Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish, interpreted into Czech.

The event is held in cooperation with the Nordic embassies in Prague, the Book World Prague, the Danish Arts Foundation, Literature Agencies FILI and NORLA and the National Museum. The literary project of the Scandinavian House has in 2019 been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Municipality of Prague.