Nordic Literature Evening

Welcome to traditional literary evening with Nordic writers organised by The Scandinavian House in Prague and the Book World Prague.

Four authors have accepted our invitation:

From 7 PM, there will be a discussion with Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen, author of Purge, Stalin’s cows and When the Doves Dissapeared, as well as with Swedish author Jonas Khemiri, who has just had his book translated into Czech: Everything I Don’t Remember, that has been awarded with August Prize. Sofi Oksanen is known as an eager debater and fighter for human rights: She sharply criticised Russian occupation of Crimea and oppresion of small nations in the Russian Federation. Jonas Khemiri often deals with prejudice in his works, and engages in social and political issues, too, therefore it is doubtless that such matters will be discussed at our discussion.

From 8 PM, we will welcome Lars Husum, who is known to the Czech audience as the author of dark-humoured psychological novel My Friend Jesus Christ, and Finnish comic book author Kati Närhi, who will talk to us about her mysterious graphic novel, Agnes and the seventh guest. Dark sense of humour and overstatements are typical for both of the guests, as they often help their heroes to overcome difficulties and various obstacles. Therefore their books can often encourage the reader, even though the whole story might be a bit gloomy and depressing.

Scenic reading of excerpts from the books by actress Marie Jansová and autograph session of all writers will also take place.

The discussion will be led in Finnish, Swedish and Danish and interpreted into Czech.

Admission free

The event is held in cooperation with the Nordic embassies in Prague, the Book World Prague, the Danish Arts Foundation, the Finnish Literature Agency FILI and the National Museum. The literary project of the Scandinavian House has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Municipality of Prague.