Nordic literature evening 2024

The Scandinavian House and the Book World Prague fair are holding the traditional literary evening with Nordic writers.

Four Nordic authors accepted our invitation this year:

At 19:00, we will hold a discussion with Finnish writer Emmi Itäranta and Danish writer and illustrator John Kenn Mortensen. The authors will debate over their work that falls under the fantastical genre. After her succesful dystopian novel Memory of Water, Itäranta released a sci-fi novel The Moonday Letters which is referred to as a cosmic romance in which the protagonist, a healer called Lumi, searches for her wife and which also carries a strong ecological message. The whole world knows Mortensen’s illustrations of various fairytale beings because of his books Sticky Monsters, A Christmas Bestiary and Grimm. He also writes horror stories mostly for older children and adolescent readers.

Moderated by Anežka Soukupová.

© Liisa Takala;

At 20:00, we will welcome Swedish writer Marie Hermanson and Norwegian writer Lars Mytting. Their works are connected by the fact that they fall under the historical prose genre. Hermanson’s detective novel The Plague Island takes place in the year 1925 in a neighbourhood in Gothenburg and on an island that used to be a quarantine station for sailors. Mytting is the author of a number of successful historical novels, for example The Sixteen Trees of the Somme which is about a family secret that goes all the way back to the Second World War and The Bell in the Lake which is about two sister bells, the superstition that is connected to them and about moving an old wooden church.

Moderated by Barbora Grečnerová.

© Rickard L. Eriksson; Julie Pike

Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, translated into Czech.

Admission is part of the ticket to the Book World Prague fair.

In collaboration with Nordic embassies in the Czech Republic, the Book World Prague, literary foundationss FILI, NORLA, publishing houses Kniha Zlín, Argo and JOTA. The literary project of the Scandinavian House has been supported by the Ministery of Culture Czech Republic and Prague City Hall in year 2024.