Nordic literary salon online: Don’t Fall, Don’t Drown, Don’t Die

This time, we will welcome the translator from Danish, Markéta Kliková and her translation of the book Don’t Fall, Don’t Drown, Don’t Die by Lise Villadsen. The Czech translation was been issued by the publishing house Fragment in 2021. The event will be streamed on Thursday, October 20, on our Facebook page. The recording will afterwards be available on our YouTube channel.

Free admission, no registration needed.

Don’t Fall, Don’t Drown, Don’t Die (Translated into Czech in 2021 by Markéta Kliková, Fragment publishing house) – A freshman in high school, Astrid has spent the majority of her first two semesters shut inside the school’s bathrooms with her sister Cecilie. Inhaling, exhaling, and keeping Cecilie’s breathing calm and paced in a battle against the crippling anxiety that threatens to swallow her sister whole. Astrid has always been a rock to Cecilie, but at home she is caught in the middle between their father, who’s still in denial about his oldest daughter’s condition, and their co-dependent mother. Weighted by the guilt of not being able to help her sister more, Astrid finds her life increasingly consumed by Cecilie’s. When she crosses paths with a certain Greenlandic boy hell-bent on making her happy, and a friend-snatching know-it-all who threatens her one true friendship, the equation becomes ever more difficult to balance.

Don’t Fall, Don’t Drown, Don’t Die is a scintillating coming-of-age tale with a quirky character gallery you’re bound to fall in love with. Placing a highly prevalent issue in the spotlight, this heart-breaking yet life-affirming tale asks whether it’s possible to find your own path without losing something or someone along the way.

Markéta Kliková translates from Danish and German.

The partner of the event are the Czech translators of the North – an organisation uniting Czech translators from Nordic languages. The event is a part of a year-long project of the Scandinavian House: “Nordic literature in the heart of Europe 2022”, which has been supported by Prague municipality and the Czech Ministry of Culture.