Nordic films at Febiofest festival

The Prague International Film Festival Febiofest presents the Northern Lights film section, focusing on Nordic cinema.

The North is on fire, and this year’s cinematic output from the five Nordic countries is right here to portray it. 10 films full of strong and intimate stories about love and survival, family dynamics, young adults, outsiders, art and the refugee crises. What makes it a special year for Nordic cinema is the rich array of film genres in play – such as Danish and Norwegian disaster movies, a Swedish sci-fi and a reverse refugee story, an Icelandic survival thriller, period dramas and biopics about the world-renowned writer Astrid Lindgren and the Bob Dylan of Finland. The films are however not your standard genre movies, they artistically play on our expectations and tease our taste buds. Made by both established directors and promising new talents who present courageous debut features with refreshing themes and storytelling.

Following films will be screened:

  • Anaira (Denmark, Sweden)
  • Artic (Iceland)
  • Before the Frost (Denmark)
  • Blind Spot (Norway)
  • Cutterhead (Denmark)
  • Jimmie (Sweden)
  • The Quake (Norway)
  • Stick and Stones (Denmark)
  • The Ragged Life of Juice Leskinen (Finland)

Find the complete programme here.

In a special section, the festival will also present the work of Danish filmmaker Bille August. The following films will be shown:

  • Pelle The Conqueror (1987)
  • The Best Intentions (1992)
  • The House of the Spirits (1993)
  • Silent Heart (2014)
  • A Fortunate Man (2018)

Other Nordic and Baltic films will be presented in e. g. in New Europe and Generation sections:

  • Take It or Leave It (Estonia)
  • Stupid Young Heart (Finland)
  • Holiday (Denmark, Sweden)
  • The Foundation of Criminal Excellence (Latvia)
  • The Ancient Woods (Estonia, Germany, Lithuania)
  • The Raft (Denmark, Germany, Sweden, USA)
  • The Cake General (Sweden)