Nordic Film Thursdays: THE KING’S CHOICE

On 9 April 1940, the German war machine arrives in the city of Oslo. The Norwegian king faces a choice that will change his country forever – whether to submit to the German invasion and install a puppet government answering to Hitler or to enter into a hopeless war of resistance that will cost many lives, as well as Norway’s staunchly defended neutrality.

The Scandinavian House in cooperation with Evald Cinema presents THE KING’S CHOICE, a Norwegian historical film.

The screening will be introduced by a short lecture.

THE KING’S CHOICE (Kongens nei, Norway, 2016, 133 min)

Director: Erik Poppe
Writers: Jan Trygve Røyneland, Harald Rosenløw Eeg
Stars: Jesper Christensen, Anders Baasmo Christiansen, Karl Markovics, Tuva Novotny
IMDB (7,1)

In Norwegian with Czech subtitles.
Admission: 130 CZK
Ticket reservation:

The screening is held in cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy in the Czech Republic and the Norwegian Film Institute as part of the Nordic Film Thursdays project.