Nordic Film Thursdays: KORSO

Markus dreams of becoming a street ball star in New York, but spends his days in his home suburb Korso, in Finland, playing ball with his friends in an old warehouse – and drinking. When Markus’s little sister brings a black guy Jojo home Markus’s dream is put to test. He risks everything to prove that his dream is not ridiculous. But what if it is?

The screening will begin with a very short lecture about the film.

In Finnish with Czech subtitles.

KORSO (Finland, 2014, 90 min)
Directed by Akseli Tuomivaara
Starring: Mikko Neuvonen, Iiro Panula, Niko Vakkuri, Iida Lampela, Richmond Ghansah, Petri Manninen

Admission: 120 CZK
Ticket reservation:

The screening is organized by the Scandinavian House in cooperation with the Evald Cinema.