Nordic Film Thursdays: FALLING SKY

The Scandinavian House in cooperation with Evald Cinema and the production company Motlys within the Nordic Film Thursdays project presents the Norwegian black comedy

FALLING SKY (Himmelfall, Norway, 2002, 83 min)

Director: Gunnar Vikene
Screen writers: Torun Lian, Gunnar Vikene
Starring: Kristoffer Joner, Maria Bonnevie, Kim Bodnia

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“We can’t save all the planets, but maybe the earth?”

Its three days before Christmas at Sollihogda Psychiatric Hospital. Reidar expects to get hit in the head by a meteor. He wants to save the entire world from this disaster, but most of all he wants to save Juni. Juni is not so sure she wants to be saved, and punches anyone who touches her. Reidar refuses to give up hope, maybe a fist in the nose can also be considered a kind of caress…?

They are surrounded by an impotent psychiatrist perpetually on the verge of tears, a virile taxi driver with questionable morals, a senile mother searching for herself, a desperate Burmese seaching for a residency permit, an uninsured gas station, a horny and homesick social worker – and the world’s best fireworks!

Starring Kristoffer Joner and Maria Bonnevie.

In Norwegian with Czech subtitles.

Admission: 120 CZK
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