Nordic Days 2020

The topic of this year’s Nordic Days Festival is the media. And even though we looked forward to meeting everyone in person, it seems somewhat fitting that the festival will take place either completely or nearly-completely online (streamed via the social media).

The festival will be opened by a discussion with the Finnish/Slovak author Alexandra Salmela and translator Michal Švec. The topic will be the book Antihero (Antisankari, 2015), a dystopian story which intrigues the reader with its theme, humour, writing style and original graphic design. From the movie selection, a Swedish documentary Life begins after one hundred (Livet börjar vid hundra, 2015) about a centenarian Dagny Carlsson who started blogging at the age of ninety-nine. The screening will be joined by a debate about active retirement age and life-long optimism. The second movie, the Danish drama The Idealist (Idealisten, 2015), is based on a true story of the journalist Poul Brink, and his investigations. The final debate, The North all-around?, will present the reflections of the Nordic culture in the Czech media. This year, the programme will also be enriched by a seminar in book marketing and its discourse.


5. 11. 19:00 Who’s the (anti)hero? A debate with Alexandra Salmela (online)
11. 11. 19:00 Life begins after one hundred: the movie and debate (online)
13. 11. 9:30–12:30 Seminar: Don’t let the book go unacknowledged! (online)
17. 11. 19:00 Screening: The Idealist (Edison Filmhub)
19. 11. 19:00 The North all-around: the Nordic culture in the Czech media (online)

In Czech; movies in original sound with Czech subtitles.

The festival has been organised by the Scandinavian House in Prague with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague Municipality and Statutory City Brno.