Next station Finland: Finnish immigrant literature

How much sisu do you need to write in Finland?And what is a sisu anyway, and do only native Finns have one? And can a foreigner master Finnish enough to write a book in it?

We invite you to the launch of the February issue of Plav magazine dedicated to Finnish immigrant literature. During the evening we will open the stories of writers who, for various reasons, left the country of their birth and moved to the cold North, explore their relationship to their own identity and their new homeland, and reveal what a forged metal writer cannot do without.

The evening will be guided and the issue will be presented by the editor in charge Silvie Mitlenerová, the author of the concept Jan-Marek Šík and a member of the translation team Julie Minaříková, who together with Martin Mokrý will also read a short story by Alexandra Salmela Hoříš, má panenko (translated by Andrea Papugová and Martin Mokrý).

Admission free

The event is organised by the Scandinavian House and Plav magazine in cooperation with Café Paměti národa and with the financial support of the State Fund for Culture of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Brno City Hall.