Meet Mia, Recruitment Lead at Accenture

Mia is from Denmark, but she has been living and working in Czech Republic since March 2020.

In the early spring of 2020, I packed up my life in Denmark and flew off to Prague for a great new adventure. I had just gotten my very first „adult“ job after graduating in the winter of 2019.

I joined a brand new project, that was still being set up and received extensive training to be a great recruiter. Joining an international team with colleagues from all over the world was so exciting.

Months passed, and after continuing to complete various trainings to improve my skillset I found myself as a Team Coordinator first year in my job. It was exciting and challenging, I had never had responsibility for other people this way, but I had amazing management behind me, who supported me and believed in my competencies. They saw something I didn’t even know myself and I appreciate everything they have done for me.

I stayed in the role of coordinator and senior recruiter for the next year or so, until I recently, a little more than 2 years in my employment became the Recruitment Lead for this amazing project. Having been part of this project from the very beginning, seeing it grow, develop, mature, and improve is amazing, and I am beyond excited about all the opportunities I have had with Accenture.

Accenture lets their employees grow if they are interested. The company presents endless opportunities and if you want to explore new things, it may me a great company for you too. We always have exciting projects and transferring internally is also an opportunity if you want to explore other fields of work. Currently, I am leading my team of amazing recruiters, but I am also supporting other teams and the business within this area – because this is what One Accenture is all about.

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