Meet Jeff, HR Advisor and Recruiter at Accenture Prague

Jeff comes from Netherlands and lives in the Czech Republic since October 2021.

On the second of January, it was my anniversary. I have been living on and off abroad for the last ten years. What started with an Erasmus to Finland has almost become something addictive. And to be completely honest with you, I could have never foreseen what a beautiful and entertaining ride it would become.

I have done a bit of everything; from working on husky safaris in northern Lapland to representing my country at the embassy in sunny Albania. I also have experience in working for the European Parliament and as an animator for children at a camping site in Bavaria. Since I got on that plane, I have finished two degrees, lived in seven different countries, and made friendships with people from all over the globe.

So, you can probably understand that my old EU consultancy job back home in rural northern Netherlands wasn’t giving me much joy. I need that multicultural diversity in my life, it is what makes me tick. It is what motivates me every day to go to work with a big smile on my face. So, I made a promise to myself for when Covid restrictions would become less severe – I would pack my bags and move back to the Czech Republic. This country has always been good to me. But where do I go? What will I do? I wasn’t very keen on returning to my two degrees, namely Journalism and European Politics. And I, unfortunately, don’t speak Czech either. But I knew one thing that every previous job had in common. I always excelled when it came to the human element. And then I had my revelation. Look for a job in Human Resources in Dutch, and this is where my chapter with Accenture begins.

How do I describe my job as an HR Advisor to people when they ask me? Well, nine out of ten times I tell them that I am a problem solver. I love talking with clients and helping them to solve their problems. I enjoy giving that extra bit of service by always being upbeat and emphatic. It makes the job a lot easier. I rely a big part on my social skills, and I can’t believe that I am already here for more than a year. Time flies when you are having fun. And if there is one thing that combines Prague with having a job that you enjoy, it is having fun.

What I discovered mostly about myself last year is how easily I can calm down and convince people when they are frustrated or under great stress. I always try to find a way to connect with people. With clients, team members, and colleagues from different Accenture locations if they reach out on Teams. It comes from all these years living abroad, surrounded by people from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Part of your personal growth is realizing your potential and maximizing the skills and surroundings in which you excel at.

This is what leaves me to why Accenture is such a beautiful company. Not only are there so many different possibilities and positions in a wide variety of fields. Our leadership is very positive and willing to listen to our wishes and alternative career plans. From the minute I started to express my ambitions to make a career switch to Talent Acquisition everyone has been beyond supportive and willing to make this a reality. My team lead, the leadership of the project I wanted to join, local HR, and current and new team members. Literally everyone. And that is where we are today. I just started working agile on two projects and to be honest, I am completely over the moon. I still can’t believe how well things have worked out since I decided to move to Prague. I am full of fire and ready to make this new chapter in my life a success.

My team at Accenture, Prague

So, if you recognize yourself in my story, please make the jump and apply to one of our many vacant positions. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will learn so much about yourself while discovering your true potential. And as you can see from my recent career switch, our leadership will be very happy and willing to help and guide you to the next journey in your career.

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