Let’s discuss Christmas! Online debate with Nordic ambassadors

Christmas is coming! And this year we are looking forward to it more than ever!

Do you know where you can get presents from the Xmas goat julbocken and where from joulupukki (the real Santa Claus)? Do you know which nation cooks rice porridge for elves and who dances around the Xmas tree? Join us and discuss all Nordic Xmas traditions with Nordic ambassadors in Prague. You can also ask them yourself!

H. E. Ole Frijs-Madsen (Denmark)
H. E. Jukka Pesola (Finland)
H. E. Robert Kvile (Norway)
H. E. Fredrik Jörgensen (Sweden)

Xmas discussion was held on Thursday, 3rd December, from 6.30 p.m. on Facebook of the Scandinavian House. The recording is available also on YouTube.

In English.
You can attend for free, no need for any registration.

The event is organised in cooperation with the Nordic embassies in the Czech Republic.