Jaroslav Fragner Gallery: Sustainable Architecture Beyond the Arctic Circle

The project is in line with the long-term strategy of Jaroslav Fragner Gallery & Architectura in their search for the use of current architecture as an important factor to maintain the quality of open landscape or public space. It follows up on projects focusing on environmental architecture and art as a tool to improve the urban public space. In the past, some of these projects were prepared in cooperation with our partners from the donor countries, such as Artscape Norway, Artscape Island, Arctic Nordic Alpine – In the dialogue with the Landscape). An important aspect is the search for tools for the discussion on sustainable tourism as part of the circular economy.

This bilateral activity also involves visual art as it presents the topics for general public at a photography exhibition, including videos.

The bilateral cooperation aims at developing the discussion on the role of the sustainable architecture as part of the adaptation for climatic changes. It will enable the presentations of model examples of landscape sustainability, both in environmental terms and with regards to the increased tourism in popular areas. An important part of the project is the meeting of Norwegian and Czech experts discussing the possibilities to present strategic goals for the sustainable architecture in locations exposed to climatic extremes and tourism.

One of the main outcomes of the whole project will be an exhibition, open from September 9th to October 30th, 2022 in Jaroslav Fragner Gallery.

More information can be found here.