Harri Ahonen: Travel&Eat

Finnish adventurer Harri Ahonen is going to visit Brno already for the third time! This time he will guide us on the most beautiful hikes in Southern Norway and share with us the best paths, national parks and his most interesting experiences with other adventurers, as well as practical information that can become very useful during your journey through the distant North.

Have you ever thought about what long distance travellers eat while roaming far from civilisation? And do you think that such food cannot taste very good? Harri will convince you by his homemade specialties suitable for long trips that it is possible to eat tasty and varied food also in the wilderness.

The event is in English.

Admission: 50 CZK (30 CZK for members of the Scandinavian House)

Photo: Harri Ahonen

Head photo: Harri Ahonen