Harri Ahonen: Hiking Trails of Northern Scandinavia

The Scandinavian House in cooperation with Moravská zemská knihovna cordially invites you to meet Harri Ahonen, a Finnish adventurer and photographer, who will share his  passion for hiking in the beautiful Scandinavian nature.

This time, Harri Ahonen will focus on Northern Finland, Norway and Sweden. He will present the national parks of this area, their nature, accommodation at tourist huts as well as the possibilities of transportation there and back. You will also be introduced to lemmings, muskoxen and different species of reindeer. Those of you who are planning a journey to the North will certainly be grateful for advice and tips for great hiking trails.

Or you may just as well let it take you far away…

To walk along paths and admire snow-covered mountaintops. To rest on a tree stump for a while to tighten the laces, and listen to a cry of a hawk. To peer at the sky and watch the bird wheeling round the sun. To take shelter from the rain under a rock, when the cold starts to creep up the backbone. To stop at a side of a mountain creek and look at the stream as it is running lively among stones. To climb up a mountain at the end of the day, enjoy the flaming sunset, and stumble the last kilometer by lamplight back to the hut. To wake up in the morning at a bright sunshine and set out on a journey again.

The lecture will be given in English.

Free admission

The event has been financially supported by Brno City Municipality.

On 3rd March 2018, a lecture by Harri Ahonen will take place in Prague, where he will focus on hiking in Central Scandinavia.

Photos by Harri Ahonen