Green Earth: a playful event for children about nature and ecology

Are there any fluorescent critters? Can you name a tree by looking at its leaves or needles? Do you know which animal and plant species are endangered? What exactly is climate change? Do you know how to sort your trash? And have you ever tried to build a bug hotel?

We would like to invite all children and their parents to the garden of the Swedish Embassy in Prague, where they can (in a form of small tasks and games at a few checkpoints) learn something about ecology and climate. A loose inspiration for this event has been the book Green Stuff – About Nature and the Environment and Stuff Like That (Grønne greier) by the Norwegian creators Ole Mathismoen and Jenny Jordahl.

In Czech.

Free admission, feel free to come anytime between 4 and 6 pm. The whole game will take approximately an hour; the end of the event is therefore estimated around 7 pm. The entrance is from Raoul Wallenberg Promenade. The game is recommended for children between 4 and 10 and the ability to read is handy, but not necessary since the parents or the checkpoint instructor can always help. We look forward to seeing you!

All the participants that visit all the checkpoints will be included in a draw for the books Green Stuff – About Nature and the Environment and Stuff Like That and The Time Casket (Andri Snær Magnason) in their Czech translations. Furthermore, each of the participants will be rewarded with a small treat.

Embassy of Sweden in Czechia with the nicest view of Prague

The event takes place in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in Czechia and Argo publishing house, and as a part of the all-year project Scandinavian literature in the heart of Europe 2021, which has been supported by the Prague Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.