Green Earth: a playful activities for children about nature and ecology

What does our planet look like and who are its inhabitants? How much do you know about animals and plants? Do you know how to sort waste? And why should we protect nature, after all?

As a part of Argo Publishing House’s event at the Scout Institute, we invite children to a small workshop on nature and ecology. The activities are loosely inspired on the comic book Green Stuff: Nature and environment and things by Norwegian authors Ole Mathismoen and Jenny Jordahl. At a total of four different stops, we will take a journey to the rainforest, the industrial city and under the sea, learn lots of interesting facts about animals and plants and see what each of us can do for nature and the environment.

We start at 2.30 pm and finish about an hour later. The event is a part of a programme for children that will run throughout Saturday the 4th of March at the Scout Institute, and will include a workshop based on the works of the comic book author Jurga Vilė. See HERE for the detailed programme of the day.

In Czech.

Free entry.

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The event takes place as a part of the year-long project Nordic Literature in the Heart of Europe 2023, supported by the Prague Municipality and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic. The Book Day is organised by the publishing house Argo.