Finnish tenacity as a key to a better life (?)

According to The United Nations, Finland is the third happiest country in the world. But… How come? The lifestyle of Nordic countries is getting more and more attention worldwide, yet unlike Danish hygge and Swedish lagom, Finnish sisu is not so well-known in the Czech Republic.

Finland-inspired tips and tricks for a happier life – that is the topic our guests, specialists in Finnish society, culture and design will debate over. Where did the so-called sisu come from and what makes it different from other lifestyle concepts? What does sisu have to do with cold baths, design, and raising of children? And what can we, Czechs, take from it? These and many other questions are waiting to be answered.

Guests of the debate:

Eva Beránková, architect and design shop owner
Barbora Štefkovič, blogger and IT worker (currently on maternity leave)
Zuzana Vorlíková, student of Finnish and volunteer in the Scandinavian House in Prague

Voluntary admission

The event is organized by The Scandinavian House in Brno in cooperation with Trojka Café and with the financial support of statutory town Brno and the Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic. The main partner of the event is Mladá fronta publishing house.