Festival of Nordic films NORDFEST

A festival of Nordic Films NORDFEST will take place in the Evald Cinema (Národní 28, Praha 1) November 17–22. This traditional festival will present a selection of contemporary Nordic cinema.

The event is held in cooperation with the Scandinavian House that will enrich the festival with a travel lectures Rough Beauty of Sweden Nature and with three film screenings – a Norwegian drama I Am Yours (Jeg er din), a Swedish grotesque Hotel (Hotell) and selection of short films from the festival Nordic shorts.

Event programme:
17. 11. 17:30 Rough Beauty of Sweden Nature (lecture)
17. 11. 19:00 I Am Yours (Norway, 2013)
18. 11. 19:00 Nordic short films selection
21. 11. 19:00 Hotel (Sweden, 2013)

Lecture in Czech, movies in original sound with Czech subtitles.

Admission: 110 CZK (movies), free (lectures)
The programme of the whole festival and ticket reservation at: www.evald.cz.


About the movies:

I AM YOURS (Jeg er din, Norway, 2013)

Mina is a young single mother living in Oslo with her 6 year old son Felix. She is of Norwegian Pakistani descent with a troubled family relationship. Constantly looking for love, Mina seeks affections from the men she hooks up with. However, none of the relationships bear any hope of lasting very long. So when Mina meets Jesper, a Swedish film director, she falls head over heels in love.


HOTEL (Hotell, Sweden 2013)

Erika has it all: a good job, lots of friends and a secure relationship. Until the day it all falls apart. Suddenly this perfect life means nothing, and the feelings she once was able to control are no longer within reach. She starts going to group therapy and meets other people suffering from various forms of trauma. One day Erika and this eclectic group of four people decide to take matters into their own hands and heads off together in search of a way out. They start checking in to hotels – a place of complete anonymity where one can wake up as a different person.


The screenings are organized in cooperation with the distribution company CinemArt, Swedish and Norwegian Embassy, Swedish and Norwegian Film Institute, Swedish Institute and the production company Sputnik Oy. The Scandinavian House film project is supported by Prague City Hall.